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Press the down arrow key to interact with the calendar and select a date. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates.

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    Nataraya Day Spa & Wellness

    Nataraya Day Spa & Wellness within the Pergola Hotel leisure centre offers a lavish range of spa packages that treat and heal the whole body. Nataraya Spa offers a wide range of treatments and therapies aimed at promoting utmost relaxation and well-being.
    Pamper yourself and experience of a feeling of complete restoration with our spa packages.

    • Exclusive Body Massages

      Back, Neck and Shoulder Muscle Ease Massage
      30.00 30 mins

      Soothing Scalp Head and Neck Massage
      30.00 30 mins

      Traditional Swedish Massage
      Express Full Body Massage 30.00 30 mins
      Full Body Massage 45.00 45 mins | 50.00 60 mins

      Peppermint Foot Rub
      32.00 30 mins

      Customized Aromatherapy Massage
      Whether you love deep relaxation, to balance yourself or simply detox and drain, you may rest assured that we have the perfect blend for you!
      35.00 30 mins | 47.00 45 mins | 55.00 60 mins

      Deep Tissue Massage
      This deep tissue massage involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes that reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia, aiming to release chronic tension in your body.
      35.00 25 mins | 65.00 55 mins

      Organic Aromatic Candle Massage
      As the candle slowly burns,100% warm organic plant wax and pure essential oils are gently poured onto your body, followed by slow massage movements.
      35.00 30 mins | 49.00 45 mins | 64.00 60 mins

      Warm Lava Stone Massage
      This massage includes a combination of stationary use of heated stones, together with long stroke massage movements with the warm stones themselves.
      Back, Neck and Shoulder 35.00 30 mins
      Full Body 65.00 60 mins

      Exclusive Full Body Massage
      A facial and neck massage, performed with natural gemstones, followed by a Cleopatra scalp treatment, an energizing foot massage and finished off by a tranquil and relieving massage on the rest of your body.
      72.00 65 mins

      Coconut and Tiare Flower
      Luxurious Massage
      Start off this luxurious treat with a pure coconut pulp foot scrub, where your body will be covered in heavenly coconut wax, while enjoying a deep relaxing full body massage, leading to ultimate wellbeing enhancement.
      A rich Tiare flower moisturization is the finishing touch, aimed at deep hydration and nourishment of dry skin.
      70.00 65 mins

      Anti-Stress Aroma Signature Massage For Two
      An unforgettable spa experience with your loved one! The combination of a classical full body massage, including head and foot massage, infused with light citrus aroma, French lavender and Ylang Ylang that collectively calm the mind, helping to restore both balance and harmony.
      120.00 per couple 60 mins

    • Body Exfoliation and Wraps

      Revitalizing Marine Body Scrub
      Remineralize and Regenerate
      35.00 40 mins

      Artisan Local Prickly Pear Body Scrub
      Refresh and Enliven both Your Mood and Your Skin
      39.00 40 mins

      100% Natural and Organic Luxurious
      Arabica Coffee Scrub
      Energize while turning Cellulite into an Enemy
      39.00 40 mins

      Herbal Hammam Body Wrap
      Youthful Appearance and Stimulating Effect
      49.00 60 mins

      Green Tea Extract Detox Body Wrap
      Antioxidant and Lymphatic Booster
      49.00 60 mins

      Organic Raw Cocoa Body Wrap
      Energize and Tone
      49.00 60 mins

      Further to seasonality, the above listed body scrubs and wraps may not always be available, however, when this will be the case, our therapists will present you with enticing alternatives.



    • Aromatic Skin Therapy

      Express Customized Facial
      Recommended to All
      30.00 30 mins

      Harmonizing Balancing Facial
      Combination and Even Tone
      A facial that leaves a balancing effect on mixed skin with variable areas, thanks to readily absorbed moisture effects that hydrate the drier areas without leaving an oily feel to the entire face. This proper oxygenation is in fact encouraged through essential oils such as those derived from geranium and basil.
      40.00 45 mins

      Deep Cleansing Aromatic Facial
      Oily and Breakout Prone
      Natural antiseptic Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang extracts, vitamins and anti-oxidants are the key ingredients in this treatment that help balance oily and clogged skin. This facial also naturally lifts impurities and fights bacteria that eventually cause breakouts.
      50.00 60 mins

      Aroma Soothing Facial
      Delicate and Moisture Regime
      An aromatic facial treatment that balances, calms and oxygenates the skin, where thanks to a blend of potent natural essential oils, nourishing plants, green tea and aloe extracts, this treatment contributes to cool, soothe and reduce redness in the skin.
      Includes a Relaxing Scalp Massage.
      57.00 60 mins

      Intensive Age Resist Facial
      Early Signs of Ageing and Dehydration
      A facial that plumps and hydrates the skin, smoothing fine lines, with the intent of softening the early signs of wrinkles by preventing trans-epidermal water loss, more commonly known as dehydration. Nourishing plant oils used, will help promote cellular stimulation which prevents ageing.
      Includes a Hydrating Hand & Arm Massage.
      58.00 60 mins

      Renew and Lift Aroma Facial
      Firm and Tone
      An exceptional antioxidant facial treatment that combats free radicals, protects collagen and elastin fibres from degradation. This facial is ideal to stimulate collagen aimed at minimizing lines and wrinkles, giving that firming and tightening sensation.
      Includes a Hydrating Hand & Arm Massage.
      58.00 60 mins

      Time Line Recovery Facial
      Softens Lines and Wrinkles
      This advanced formula treatment enhances the skin`s natural protection and repair factors, promoting better cell function, improving also the quality of skin tissue. This facial helps also to prevent biological ageing cells, extending the skin’s youth span, thanks to reduced signs of ageing, not just wrinkles.
      Includes a Scalp & Anti-Ageing Hand Massage.
      60.00 65 mins

    • Men’s Spa Collection

      Marine Detox Ritual For Men
      This treatment will maximize the beneficial proprieties of seaweed and marine salts to promote natural detoxification. After a full body exfoliation, your body is wrapped in the finest algae mud wrap to stimulate body temperature and encourage the elimination of toxins.
      65.00 60 mins

      Homme Aromatic Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
      For Oily and Combination Skin
      A unique deep cleansing facial treatment with a blend of pure essential oils, aimed at reducing skin oil, while providing anti-septic properties for a clear and clean complexion.
      Includes a Pressure Point Scalp Massage.
      55.00 60 mins

      Customized Homme Age Defense Facial
      Anti-Ageing and Firming
      Whether you would like to firm and lift or plump, wrinkles and expression lines, our therapist will choose the most suitable regime for your skin needs, leaving your skin oxygenated and highly radiant.
      Includes a Deeply Nourishing Hands & Arms Massage.
      60.00 60 mins

      Homme Facial Treatment
      Hydrate and Relax Profoundly
      This treatment includes a re-hydration facial treatment providing your skin instant comfort.
      Includes a Soothing Hot Stone Back, Neck & Head Massage.
      65.00 65 mins

      Body Waxing For Men
      Eyebrow Shaping 8.00
      Under Arm Waxing 15.00
      Arm Waxing 20.00
      Chest Waxing 25.00
      Back Waxing 25.00
      Full Chest and Full Back Waxing 40.00
      Arms, Chest and Back Waxing 49.00
      Full Leg Waxing 49.00

    • Hands and Feet Nourishing Treatments

      Express Manicure
      Includes hand exfoliation, moisturization, nail filing and shaping together with a choice of cuticle work or nail polish application or gel polish removal.
      28.00 45 mins

      Express Pedicure
      Includes foot exfoliation, moisturization, nail filing and shaping, together with a choice of cuticle work or nail polish application or gel polish removal.
      30.00 45 mins

      Signature Spa Manicure
      An intensive, hydrating hand and nail treatment including a nourishing hand mask, followed by hand and arm massage and nail polish.
      40.00 75 mins

      Signature Spa Pedicure
      Indulge in treating your feet, including grooming of the nails and cuticles, foot buffing and specialized refreshing foot mask, followed by an energizing massage.
      42.00 75 mins

      Nail Polish Application 10.00
      Gel Polish Application 18.00
      Gel Polish Upgrade with any Manicure or Pedicure 15.00
      Gel Polish Removal and Application Upgrade 20.00
      with any Manicure or Pedicure
      Gel Polish Removal and Application 25.00

      Body and Face Waxing

      Upper Lip Waxing 5.00
      Eyebrow Shaping 7.00
      Upper Lip and Eyebrow Shaping 10.00
      Under Arm Waxing 10.00
      Arm Waxing 15.00
      Tummy Line Waxing 5.00
      Lower Back Waxing 10.00
      Bikini Line Waxing 10.00
      Half Leg Waxing 15.00
      Full Leg Waxing 20.00


      Eyebrow Tinting 10.00
      Eyelash Tinting 10.00

    • Discounted Spa Packages

      Pick Your Favourite 3 Massages
      Traditional Full Body Massage
      Lava Stone Full Body Massage
      Aromatherapy Full Body Massage
      Manual Lymphatic Full Body Massage
      Signature Toning & Energizing Massage
      135.00 per person 180 mins

      Pick Your Favourite 3 Signature
      Facial Treatments
      Deep Cleansing Aromatic Facial
      Aroma Soothing Facial
      Intensive Age Resist Facial
      Renew & Lift Aroma Facial
      140.00 per person 180 mins

      Couples Royal Retreat
      Raw Unrefined Sea Salt Hydro Therapy Bath
      Classical Express Facial For Him & Her
      Soothing Scalp Massage
      Balancing Full Body Massage
      150.00 per couple 1 hr 55 mins

      The Spa Coffee Break
      Hydro Therapy Bath
      Energizing Organic Coffee Scrub
      Hydrating Full Body Moisturization
      Back, Neck Head Massage
      60.00 per person 1 hr 40 mins

      Personalized Perfection
      Hydro Therapy Bath
      Tailor Made Facial
      Customized Aromatherapy Full Body Massage
      91.00 per person 2 hrs 25 mins


    • Bookings, cancellations and more info

      Booking Information
      For any Spa related information, guidance or securing your spot at the Spa, please call us directly on (+356) 2289 4482 or if staying with us at the hotel, contact us through extension 4482 Alternatively, you can visit the Spa Consultation Desk located at Level 4 from Lifts C or D, where you will be guided through our selection of treatments.

      Medical Conditions
      If you have undergone any surgery within the past 6-months, suffer from any medical condition, allergies, recently got tattooed, are pregnant or recently gave birth, please advise us at the time of booking.

      This is free of charge to our guests. Please bring along your swimwear for your sauna session.

      All services booked must be prepaid or guaranteed through your room account, at the time of booking, either directly at the Spa Consultation Desk or at the Hotel’s Front Desk.

      Cancellation Policy
      We require a 24-hour notice to cancel your reservation without charge. You will be reimbursed 50% of the charge paid, if you cancel within 24-hours of your scheduled time, whereas you will receive no reimbursement at all, if you fail to show up.

      Spa guests are advised to arrive 15-minutes prior to their appointment, allowing ample time for the completion of a detailed spa consultation form, ensuring that the treatments booked, are the most ideal for you. For your safety and comfort, we suggest that you do not bring along with you to the Spa, jewellery and valuables.

      To maintain a peaceful atmosphere, we kindly ask you to turn off your cell phone and any other electronic devices, keeping also conversations at a whisper, while at the Spa. Out of respect to other Spa guests, young children are not allowed to accompany their family members at the Spa, while adequate attire is required at all times.

      Gratuities are not added automatically to the Spa service booked, however, these remain very highly appreciated.